Creatures Of Sonaria Codes & Wiki [January 2023]

Do you want to get free gems, coins, and more rewards in Creatures of Sonaria Roblox? If yes, then you are in the right place. Here we provide new codes for Creatures of Sonaria. With the help of these codes, you will get so many rewards and gifts.

Creatures Of Sonaria is a WIP of a creature survival Roblox game. In this game, you must survive different seasons, weather, and disasters. Also, you have to kill the worst creatures in the world. The best part about this game is you can trade the grown creatures you want. If you trade more creatures, then you earn coins and gems. which helps to upgrade your weapons.

The Creatures of Sonaria Roblox was released on 25 June 2020 by Sonar Studios. You can download this game on the official website of Roblox. Many gamers love to play Creatures of Sonaria. That is the reason the game has compelled 316M+ visitors and 850K+ gamers to add their favorite lists.

Creatures Of Sonaria Codes

Below, you can see the new Creatures of Sonaria Codes. Currently, we have only one code. We will try to collect more promo codes and update you soon. However, redeem these codes as soon as possible because the game developer set the timer for each code. 

Active Codes

300MVISITS – Exclusive rewards

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Expired Codes

  • 100MVISITS
  • 200MVISITS

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How to Redeem Creatures of Sonaria Codes?

This is a simple method to redeem Creatures of Sonaria codes. Just follow the method to redeem the Creatures of Sonaria codes. You will be able to get some exclusive in-game rewards.

  • Open the Creatures of Sonaria Roblox on your devices
  • Click on the menu icon, locked at bottom of the left.
  • Next, click on the code option.
  • After that, a new window will open on your devices.
  • Add the correct code in this box.
  • Click on the confirm button to get free rewards and gifts.

Now, if you face any errors related to redeeming Creatures of Sonaria, then let me know in the comment section. We will try to answer ASAP.

How to Get More Creatures of Sonaria Codes?

The Creatures of Sonaria developers share new codes on their social media pages once they reach a certain number of visitors and downloaders. First, follow all of the official social media pages of Creatures of Sonaria. Also, you can bookmark this page and visit it on a regular basis. Here we update new codes once they are available. 

Creatures of Sonaria Video

If you want to survive 20 days as a rock creature in the Creatures of Sonaria Roblox, then you must watch this video. Here you can learn some hidden tips to survive as a rock creature.

FAQs About Game

What’s the biggest creature in Creatures of Sonaria?

The Lmakosaurudon (95000 weight) is the biggest creature in the Creatures of Sonaria Roblox. 

How many creatures do the creatures of Sonaria have?

In the Creatures of Sonaria, Roblox has around 23 creatures available.

What are the Creatures of Sonaria Codes?

The Creatures of Sonaria codes will help you get free rewards, gifts, coins, gems, and more.


The Creatures of Sonaria is a WIP of a creature survival Roblox game. If you want to unlock new creatures in this game, then you have to collect some number of gems and coins. So, Creatures of Soanria codes will help you get free coins and gems. Share this article with your friends so they can also unlock new creatures.

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