Dragon Storm Fantasy Code [All Gift Codes]

Are you looking for a Dragon Storm Fantasy code? Then you have landed in the right place. Here we provide active Dragon Storm Fantasy Gift Codes.

In Dragon Storm Fantasy, players come from different countries to play the game. You will experience next-level dragon fights with other global players. If you win the game, then you can get some exclusive rewards. With the help of this reward, you can increase your level as well as your caricature power. Also, you need more heroes, so Join the fray in 10,000 vs. 10,000 player battles, World vs. World, Server vs. Server, or play solo in survival arenas.

Before the battle against world-class players, you can create your own battlegrounds and play the game with your friends to get some weapons. Next, if you know how to work the game, then you can play cross-server battles against enemies. The Dragon Storm Fantasy game was developed and released by Goat Co. Ltd on 12 April 2019. You can easily download the game on AppStore and PlayStore.

Dragon Storm Fantasy Gift Codes

You can not win the game easily. You need to unlock more dragons to win the matches. Also, you can increase your power using divine dragons; embrace the powers of frost, fire, light, darkness, life, time, and space as you take on the form of a giant dragon and lay waste to all who stand in your way.

However, we also covered War and Order Redeem Codes and The Soul Guardian Codes.

Unfortunately, Unlocking all these dragons take time because if you win more battles then you can get an exclusive reward, and then you can unlock the dragon. Here we provide the latest Dragon Fantasy Gift codes. With the help of these codes, you can unlock the Dragons and Diamonds as well as upgrade your weapon power.

  • 4jtfm9 – 300 Diamonds
  • 4jtf6j – Monthly card
  • 4jtfdh – 5 USD dragon badge pack
  • 4jtff2 – 1 USD time-limited pack
  • 4jtf2s – 600 Diamonds
  • 4jtemt – 1200 Diamonds
  • 4jtena – 1600 Diamonds
  • 4jtedt – Money Card
  • 4jteee – 60 Diamonds
  • 4jtd28c – 100 Diamonds
  • 4jt2fv – 5 USD Dragon badge pack
  • 4j3kni – Exclusive reward
  • 4jj22d – Exclusive reward
  • 4dhfmhr – Exclusive reward
  • 4dhepax – Exclusive reward

Note: When you try to redeem these promo codes and can’t get any reward, it means the code has expired. Please let me know in the comment section which code has expired. We will update these with working promo codes once they are available.

How to Redeem Dragon Storm Fantasy Codes?

It is a simple method to redeem the Dragon Storm Fantasy codes. Just follow the below steps and you can get free exclusive in-game rewards like diamonds, new dragons, monthly cards, dragon skins, and more.

  • Open the Dragon Storm Fantasy on your devices.
  • After that, find the “Welfare menu” (Shown on top of the right side) and click on it.
  • There are shown so many options to find and click on the “Claim Gift”.
  • Then add the promo code in this box.
  • Click on the “Redeem” button to get an in-game reward.

How to get more Dragon Storn Fantasy Gift Codes?

The Dragon Storm Fantasy developer provides promo codes on their official social media pages. So, you can follow game social media pages like Reddit, Insta, Facebook, Twitter, and Discord.

Also, you can watch YouTube videos related to Deagon Storn Fantasy because YouTubers giveaway free codes when they complete some achievements and milestones like 100k, 500K, 1M subscribers, and more.

But, if you don’t want to watch videos and follow all of these social media pages, then you can bookmark this page. Here we will update regularly Dragon Storm Code.

Dragon Storm Fantasy

All the new players should watch this video. In this video, you can learn from A to Z about Dragon Storm.

FAQs About Game

Is Dragon Storm fantasy pay to win?

If you have money to spend on the Dragon Storm game, then you can buy more powerful dragons. You can also enjoy the game without spending real money.

How do you redeem codes on Dragon Storm fantasy?

Above this page, we provide steps to redeem the Dragon Storm Fantasy game.


The Dragon Storm Fantasy is an online dragon battle game and here share code list. In this game, you can battle with the best players in the world. So, you need to unlock powerful dragons to win the game. Here you can get the latest Dragon Storm Fantasy promo codes. These codes help you get exclusive in-game rewards. 

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