Rodeo Stampede Codes [January 2023]

Do you want to unlock lions, tigers, elephants, buffalo, bears, zebra, and many other animals in Rodeo Stampede? Then you have landed on the right page. In this article, we provide the latest Rodeo Stampede codes. These Redeem codes help you unlock all of the in-game animals.

Rodeo Stampede: Sky Zoo Safari This is an advanced animal game. In this game, you can visit the zoo and ride different types of animals. At the start of the game, you have limited animals. The best way to unlock all of these animals is to complete the daily missions.

The best feature of the game is that you can enjoy a time-travel experience, going to the Jurassic age and getting dinosaurs or riding them.

Rodeo Stampede was released on 22 Jun 2016 and codes also. The game was developed and published by Yodo1 Games. In 2022, Rodeo had more than 10 million downloaders on PlayStore with 1 million reviews. Also, you can download the game on AppStore.

Rodeo Stampede Codes

With the help of Rodeo Stampede codes, you will get Elektro Zebra, Celebrity Tour, Kerfuffle’o, Trojan Zebra, Diabuffalo, and many more. All of these redeem codes are 100% working because our team has tried and tested all of them.

  • 72HDEH82 [New]- Elektro Zebra
  • 63HSY926A [New]- Executive Tour
  • AGD73HHW – Water Buffalo
  • SGS7SHSW – Brazeb
  • 6241DHGEE – Candicorn

The Rodeo Stampede developer sets the time for each and every code, which means codes will expire at any time. But, here we provide active redeem codes on a daily basis once they are available. You also redeem Dungeon Defenders 2, and Marvel New Journey promo codes.

How to Redeem Rodeo Stampede Codes?

It is a simple method to redeem Rodeo Stampede codes. Simply follow the below steps to get some exclusive rewards like Luxury Tour tickets, Coins, Legendary Lion Subscription, Savannah Saver, Rodeo’s Choice Bundle, and more.

The steps will be the same for Android and Apple devices. So, don’t worry if you play games on any device.

  • Open the Rodeo Stampede on your device.
  • Find and click on the “Settings” button, shown at top of the left.
  • There you can see so many options find the “Text box” and press them.
  • After that, add the Rodeo Stampede redeem codes in this box.
  • Finally, Click on the redeem button to get some exclusive rewards.

Following the above steps within a second, you can get a few rewards. You can use one redemption code at a time. If you try to redeem one code multiple times, then you can get no rewards. 

How to Get More Rodeo Stampede Rewards?

If you want to get more rewards from Rodeo Stampede, then you have to complete the mission regularly and use codes. It is the best way to get free rewards. Also, you can follow the official social media pages of the game. The Rodeo creator shares the latest redeem codes on Facebook, Twitter, Discord, Reddit, and Instagram for upcoming events or festivals.

Upgrade all habitats to level 4. This is helpful to get 50% extra ticket money from a single habitat.

Rodeo Stampede Codes Video

If you don’t know how to unlock all animals in Rodeo Stampede, then watch the below video. Also, you can watch Rodeo Stampede-related videos. Because so many creators share new codes on their videos.

FAQs About Game

How do you get free coins in Rodeo Stampede?

There are many ways to earn coins in Rodeo Stampede. But, the simplest and easiest ways to get coins are Zoo Visits, Missions, and Crate Smashing.

What is the hardest animal to get in Rodeo Stampede?

The Rodeo Stampede’s most difficult animals to obtain are the A Pollo 11 and Little Yellow Chicken. 

Can I skip missions in the Rodeo stampede?

No, you can not skip any mission in Rodeo Stampede. To complete your missions in this game, you must collect a certain number of items such as eggs, acorns in the garden, and vases in Olympus. 


Rodeo Stampede: Sky Zoo Safari is an animal adventure game. In this game, you can ride any animal, like tigers, lions, bears, buffalo, elephants, and many more. But, you need to complete your in-game mission and unlock the animals that you want to ride. With the help of Rodeo Stampede codes, you can unlock different animals as well as free in-game rewards.

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